Why Security-Grade Monitoring Is Better Than Consumer-Grade Monitoring

When it comes to installing a security system at your property, there are two options to choose from: security grade monitoring system and consumer-grade monitoring system. Even though the consumer-grade monitoring system is simpler, but to get maximum benefits and protection from violent crimes, installing a security grade monitoring system is better. Here are some reasons why it is better to install a system with security grade monitoring:

Monitoring The Place Continuously:

Most surveillance cameras that are installed in workplaces or homes are designed to be monitored continuously. Once the system is installed, you can connect it with your smartphone. This allows you to know what is happening at your property from anywhere. The only drawback is that you might not have the time to keep a check on your house. Whereas, the consumer-grade monitoring systems can get heated if they are used continuously for a long time and can get damaged.

To avoid this problem, the security grade monitoring system is better and effective. This system can be used for a long time without heating up and getting damaged. Usually, there is proper ventilation with these monitors, which keeps them cool and working for a long time. Therefore, installing this system is more convenient and beneficial if you want to keep your workplace secured.

Can Be Flexibly Mounted:

Another reason why security grade monitors are better is that they can be mounted in any position. This way, you can view the recording, and it becomes easy to get the best views. Whereas the monitors which are commonly used can’t be mounted at all positions and it becomes difficult to check the recordings. Some systems don’t offer portrait views.

At workplaces, usually, multiple cameras are installed in one place, which makes it easier to view different parts. If you use a consumer-grade monitoring system, you get only one display. So, it becomes easy for you to see one part of the total surveillance area. If you have a small space, then installing a consumer-grade monitoring system is the right thing to do as this system takes less place. Whereas, the systems with security grade monitoring gives multiple displays. This way, you can keep an eye on different parts of the area. But these monitors need ample space. So, if you install them in a small space, they won’t work effectively. But if you have ample space, this system will be perfect for you.

Gives You More Control Over The System:

The professional-grade monitors provide more control over the system to the user. You can block inputs so that no one can use it other than you. It is easy to install and can be used to keep a check on different parts of the surveillance area.

So, see what goes on in your workplace or home and monitor the place to keep your property safe and secured. This system offers the best protection against crimes and helps to monitor different activities.

6 Tips To Protect Your Social Media Privacy

Nowadays, it has become hard for people to not share their views, pictures, news, and videos online. The most common social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, and Twitter are a common ground where people interact and share what is going on in their lives.

Take a minute and think about the fact that your personal information is not only available to the audience on social media but also cybercriminals, spambots, people who you do not know. Even though when you share something, you are told that the personal information that you have entered will remain private. But have you ever wonder how much of it is true? Maybe what we are doing on social media is being recorded, and we are not just aware of it yet.

To help you protect your private information and keep yourself secured, here are some tips and tricks that you should follow to have a secured social media experience:

  1. Do Not Share Private Information

Avoid sharing your private information like full name and address on social media. Not only your information but do not post about your family and private life. This might not sound dangerous to you. But you never know who might access your profile and use this information against you. Cybercriminals or stalkers can also find out your email address this way and send you emails that contain viruses. Tell your kids to not enter their personal information on an online contest which does not seem valid. It is good to take precautions.

  1. Do Not Upload Pictures

Do not share your or your family’s pictures online. If you want to upload it, blur the details which can reveal details or put your family in danger. If you want to upload pictures, make sure to share it privately with only your closed relatives and friends.

  1. Read The Terms And Conditions Before Signing Up

Do you click on agree without reading the terms and conditions? By doing this, you are putting your privacy in danger because you have no idea what you are agreeing to. Therefore, take out some time and read the agreement before you sign up.

  1. Check The Privacy Control Settings

Did you know that you can control who can see, view, or comment on your posts? View the privacy control settings and select who do you want to view your pictures and things you share.

  1. Avoid Sharing Negative Comments

Do not share negative comments or posts on your social media that you might regret in the future. For example, you applied for a job, and your new boss decided to view your profile. Maybe you posted something negative regarding their company, which they might not appreciate. This can get you in trouble, or you can even lose your job.

  1. Ignore Clickbait Sites

Do not click on random websites. There are third-party sites like games or contests that might seem innocent, but these websites can capture your private information and use it.